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Sterling Holidays has selling seminar organized in Jamnagar in Gregorian calendar month 2017 wherever i used to be invited with my family provide|to provide|to present|to administer|to allow|to convey|to grant|to relinquish} presentation in conjunction with offer of two nights free trial at there resorts. Person representing from Sterling was Pratik Kulkarni UN agency offered to present trial arrange of fourteen nights domestic and one week internation in RCI free for one06000 within which Rs 7000 would be refunded to checking account therefore internet price of Rs 99000 arrange for validity 1.5 year and which may be any extended one.5 years.

After creating payment of Rs 106000 that was asked to pay at once.

He asked American state for off cheque in order that refund of Rs7000 are attributable to my checking account that I gave him. when few days he came presonally to gather cheque of Rs one hundred to my workplace oral communication that off cheque is misplaced and by this cheque refund of Rs 7000 are attributable to my account .

I was extremely appalled to receive membership kit from sterling stating that you just have taken mempership of Rs5lac with twelve EMI of Rs31000 for twenty five years.


I was cheated by Pratik Kulkarni rather than Trial American statembership of Rs106000 valid for three years he gave me membership of Rs5 animal product valid for twenty five years.

Pratik at time of presentation offered that when time period if you wish to require membership of twenty five years you’ll take.

Very foiled with Sterling Resort that is Thomas Cook subsidary cheating individuals like this.

I protested and asked them to refund my cash that they’re refusing stating that point is already passed infact I received membership kit when a pair of months of creating payment.

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