Swiggy — delivery boy fraudulently cancelled the order


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On 30.03.2019, I ordered food (Mix veg, hakka noodle) from swiggy panipat. 5 minutes after getting confirmation from the restaurant (Ahuja Sweets) I got a call from the delivery boy (whose name is now disappeared from the order history) that his bike tire got punctured. he told me that even if he hire auto rickshaw it will be too late to delivery the order and finding him in problem I asked him to transfer the order to some other delivery boys but he made excuses and try to convince me to cancel the order and make fresh order. He told me that cancellation charges will be Rs 20 only I found him genuine and cancelled the order. To my surprise I found that swiggy has charged me Rs 113 for Cancelling the order and refund of Rs 114 is under progress which I have not received yet. I found the way the delivery boy fooled me and tricked me to cancel the order is completely shocking. These kind of thug delivery boys are ruining swiggy market reputation.


I demand that swiggy should take action against such kind of delivery boys and give me full refund of my money and will request others not to order from swiggy.


Pic regarding order confirmation and subsequent cancellation is attached


A dissatisfied customer

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