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Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Cheating by Byjus company and Saleperson.

This is relating to cheating by Byjus adult male.Rameshwar Harshit.We had demo by Rameshwar Harshit on twelfth Gregorian calendar month 2018 in Pune.

During demo he indicated that we are able to use the merchandise for trial basis for one and [*fr1] month and if we tend to adore it then we are able to purchase. we tend to paid Rs 3000/-cash.for the tab.Mr.Harshit misguided North American nation and took signs on necessary documents and a off cheque.Told these forms won’t be processed till we tend to enlighten obtain the merchandise.

He not in the slightest degree mentioned or au fait North American nation regarding the loan of capital float loan agency.

After nine days, we tend to sent adult male Rameshwar Harshit a message regarding delay of product delivery then he told North American nation that it’ll be delivered.We got product that’s tab on twenty third Gregorian calendar month 2018.Within a pair of we tend toeks of receipt of product we au fait adult male Harshit on fourth of Sept.we don’t seem to be fascinated by purcasing(though he told period are going to be of 1 month/ One and [*fr1] month.)

Mr Harshit is denying an equivalent and says he cannot do something because the product is already oversubscribed to you and loan ecs is processed. we tend to have gotten mesaages and calls from capital float that we tend to ne’er interacted or au fait.

In view of higher than cheating and loss of trust I actually have been causing mails to Byjus team to cancel study package and cancel loan revoked against Pine Tree State.

1st message to cancel product sent to adult male Harshit on fourth Sept 2018

30th sep2018 first mail

4th Gregorian calendar month 2018 second mail

5th Gregorian calendar month 2018 third mail

Since then we tend to ar in continuous bit with Byjus team on mail and decision.

Till date not obtaining correct response or confirmation of cancellation

Request to kindly take necessary action at the earliest.


Yogita Patil.


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