Trackon Couriers — pan card undelivered from trackon couriers pvt ltd.


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Current standing of Consignment: Undelivered

Name: Shweta Sarangi was sent by NSDL through Trackon Couriers Pvt Ltd. on 31/07/2019 from city and it reached Jalandhar wherever it’s speculated to be delivered 

on 03/08/2019 at 11:32am. we have a tendency to requested the traveller company to deliver identical basis our internet trailing. however day by day we have a tendency to were refused citing many reasons by traveller company as: 1) we’ve got received your document, you return and decide it up from our workplace, 2) we’ve got not received any such document, 3) Contact our PAN card dept and phone disconnected, 4) The boy is out and can deliver nowadays or tomorrow, 5) we have a tendency to cannot provide guarantee that we’ll deliver nowadays and at what time, 6) Phone calls not being picked / stay unreciprocated.


We request this company to deliver my pan card at the earliest and that they be spared with a warning message to perform their duties honestly for the harassment and torture we have a tendency to incurred from them.

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