Trai — cable operator refuse to provide trai ‘s listed channels


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .

Cancel previous cable bill was 180/- but now it exceed 350/-.

2.FTA sony (six2, ten 4, pix 2), Neo (sport, prime), Ten cricket channels are missing from operator’s list

3.TV 18 broadcaster’s bouquet is also missing from operator’s list

4.Despite repeated requesting they don’t give right solution.

cable operators are just selling their own channel packages .
though it is said that its our choice but every operators forces consumers to take their useless commercial FTA channel packages.


in that case what should we do?


– Besides that some complains about you, like

why should i have to pay 350/- or more instead of 180/-. is it cheaper to us ?
To keep activate Mobile sim why it is necessary to recharge with minimum 35/- rs ? is it Helpful to people’s budget?

if i am answered all those questions it will be very satisfying . Thanking You.

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