Transcity Developer — real estate fraud and not paying the refund amount


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Since the date of booking, there is no progress done with the project. And the developer has been telling us that the project is pending for the DC conversion.

We have been continuously following up with the Transcity developer team asking for the project status. And every time they told us that it is pending for approval.

When we realized the delay in the project, we approached their GMs (ex GM : Shashikala and current GM : Bhaskar) for cancellation/withdrawal.

But each time they consoled us saying approval is almost done and we will be calling for the registration in 3-4 months.

That 3-4 months of duration has turned to 4.5 years by now and still no progress done with the project.

The developer never showed us any documents related to the property, though we had asked for it several times.


On January 2018, I applied for the plot cancellation/withdrawal as I am in need of money for my father-in-laws medical treatment.

The Transcity developer took my application and collected original agreement and payment receipts from me saying the refund will happen in 3 months.


Now the 3 months of duration is completed but there is no sign of refund!

Every time we do the followup asking for money, there is no proper response from the developer. I have even spoke to its MD Ravi.

The response is very poor and they are keep on postponing the payment despite of our medical emergency.


And recently I have discovered that the Trans Prakruthi project application has rejected in RERA Karnataka.

And also all other projects of this developer like Trans Aakruthi, Trans Keerthi, Trans Pragathi, Trans Prasiddhi, Trans Spoorthi are under investigation and RERA Karnataka recommends NOT to BUY any property under those projects.


So it is clear that the Transcity developer never made any successful project and fooling the public by keeping their hard earned money for years.


Hence I request the consumer court to help me to get my money back.

And also I would like to demand for the refund with interest (10% per year), for keeping my money such a long time. And not cooperating for the refund despite of my family’s medical emergency.


I have attached all necessary documents.

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