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We 3 couple booked USA tour through a Santacruz (w) base Travel Agency.

1) They committed all the Hotels’ name in March to One family differs than they committed to another 2 families in April. While all of us received some other Hotels’ name on 14th May and gave stay in some other hotel in S.F.O. and Motel in Naigara.

2) They committed departure date 20th May to One family while 18th May to another families and actually tour started on 19th May

3) They committed us pickup from Airport; we compelled to arrange our own at New York & Los Angeles.

4) They committed City Tour at New York where we had City tour from 1.45 pm w/o guide which is essential for City Tour. We missed Ellis Island, Ground Zero, Central Park etc.

5) They committed Hotel nearer to Niagara fall. While our Motel was about 4 miles from fall.

6) They committed City Tour of Taronto – C.N. Tower, University, Harbour Front, Eaton Centre, Hockey hall. We could see only C.N. Tower. The taxi driver had no information from Travel Agency. No Guide was provided which is essential for City Tour.

7)They committed Sit-in Lunch in Indian restaurant except Orlando. But there was no Lunch at N.Y., Amtrak, Canada, Washington DC, L.A both the days & we had packed dinner at N.Y. In Canada, it was worst.

8) They committed us full day Grand Canyon tour by flight. While we had just 45 minutes’ flight that also we paid for.

9) They committed us to change flight timing so that we can explore city tour in SFO i.e. Chinatown, Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, Fishermen’s wharf. But you haven’t. We could see only Golden Gate Bridge.

10)They committed Hotel Holiday Inn in Los Angeles. While we got Quality Inn that also we paid. We paid for all sight seeing, Universal Studio, Lunch, Dinner, Airport Transfer etc.

11) They committed us Breakfast in same hotel where we were staying while at Niagara we got it at about 10 am about 4 miles away while in Las Vegas in Parking Area.

12)Very Important, they committed service of Travel Agencies’s Tour Manager through out tour, while they have surrendered us to unreliable person who was having own travela agency and taken sub contract from our Travel Agency who left us from LAS VEGAS. Can any1 image the position of tourist in unknown country ?

13) They committed one itinerary prior to booking and same reconfirmed by sending us on 14th May by e-mail & 19th May.While it was changed at 2 places, after starting of tour, without our prior confirmation & knowledge.

14) They committed us peace of mind and enjoyable tour, Infact, not a single day passed without any tension. Every time we were getting false promises either from them or from subcontarct. Both of them made our tour miserable and night sleepless night throughout right from Hotel stay, Breakfast, Sight seeing, Lunch, Dinner, Air Tickets etc.

Pl guide us to take action against such tarvel agency.

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