Travel Raga Holidays — 9 Days trip tour of Shimla is not arranged properly


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We have masterminded a visit in Travel Raaga for 9 days and 10nights shimla visit.

Today is the first day of our venture to every part of the beneath things are not organized up until now.

1. we cozy will reach chandigarh 11.30 yet Tempo voyager came at 12.15 that too we called him

2. We solicited bill in the name from our organization still no reaction.

3. Driver says I dont realize where to take you – no appropriate correspondence given to driver, is it so why we required Travel raaga rather than that we can book without anyone else.

4. Driver says I won’t put A/C while in slope station – why this isn’t referenced in our explorer email before we pay the installment.

5. In the email concurred that Tempo explorer measure of 50k will pay every day 10k however driver change requested to pay full sum – we paid 20K no appropriate correspondence.

6. For happiness and loosen up we took visit with Travel raaga however first day itself each agony and strain.

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