Travel Triangle — don’t spoil your company by giving contract to trip tello.


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Worst experience i got from you guys,

I planned my trip by your site for 4 days and 3 nights. From 10 to 14 march 2019,


1st day:first of all you don’t have rights to book rooms as per your convinence at least ask the person who is gonna to stay there, you have booked deluxe room which was non air-conditioned, and didn’t even confirmed wid us. And what was your explanation, most of the rooms and hotels are non ac here…

Your driver left us at room @ 2pm and after that when i called him @5 pm to go at other places his response was i m drinking sir, my duty is over today, when i confirmed with agents i got answes that he will be remain in duty till 1830pm, we are wasting our money to stay in hotel rooms or what.


2nd day: as per package driver is guide for at least few things but what i saw he was misguiding us to not to go places as he was always in hurry to come 🔙 at hotel and to drink.


3rd day; from munnar to alleppey we did early check out widout proper breakfast and when i were about to reach alleppey i got a call from boathouse manager that your boathouse changed from alleppey to kumarakom, and for the same when i complained with triptrello agents they confirmed us to travel in the same way to alleppey, they have already have a words with boathouse manager. When we reached to alleppey again the same issue created by boat house manager that you go to kumarakom for boat house, after 6 hours of traveling he is asking to us to travel one more hour, why if you are unable to manage then you should say this before that you have changed my boathouse from alleppey to kumarakom, atleast give us prior notice, we were waiting there for two hours in cab do that triptrello agents will do something but they were just trying to misguide us, they did nothing and now they are also asking to travel again, and after frustration we cancelled boathouse trip here. And when we asked him how many children we will get refund, first trip trello agent said only 6k, means we wasted 15k (Total 21k) for munnar only and where we visited only rose garden, eco point and one waterfall, because other things were closed and nobody advised me from triptrello agents for alternate places.

After my request they agreed to refund 7k but they didn’t realised our loss, we cancelled my booked flight for me and my wife and booked early fight a day before the day of departure that costs 24k,

Whole trip ruined by trip trello agents under travel triangle, they have no concern if you have done total payment, because now ball is in their coat.

And seriously will never plan my journey with travel triangle and will advise my friends and family to not to do the same, we were planned our trip for mental peace not for the frustration

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