Travelport Holidays — Bad service and cheating


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I have got a Travelport Holidays voucher from Standard Chartered bank as part of the Enhancement pack last June and is valid till May 2012. I sent this voucher to Mumbai office mid feb for booking on Mar last week. Note that the voucher needs to be sent 28 days before the booking date. We have sent it well before that but was sent back to us saying the rooms are not available. Again we sent the voucher back on 6-Apr and this time the issue is, till now they are telling they have not received the voucher. I have checked with the post office I sent the post and they said it has been delivered and is not pending with us.


I have been calling the Customer care[protected] from 7-Apr on a daily basis and have sent 4 mails and till now I have not got any procedure on how to get the hotel room booked. I have the voucher number and the post with the covering letter which the customer care lady sent us back in Feb due to non availability plus the whole enhancement pack. I have not used any of the services yet. I’m not sure if Travelport is cheating saying they have not received the voucher. My experience is totally bad with Travelport


Today I logged a complaint with Standard Chartered bank as well. I’m concerned as the expiry is just a month away. Even for a FD certificate which has got lost, there is some procedure to get the money back. There should be something if the voucher has got lost in transit but Travelport is avoiding their obligations. Hope this issue gets resolved.

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