Travelport Holidays India Pvt. Ltd — Cheating in Blackberry Movie ticket


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Hello everyone who is reading this mail


I am Gopal Dwivedi and my Mobile number is [protected] and i am a Blackberry user.

at the time of buying the handset the Mobile Store offer me this handset along with a 1 year movie card.

he promised me that this card will help me to see 12 movies with my wife , one each month.


To my complete dissatisfaction and surprise, i got the first month ticket on one request and then

things become worst.


second month, May-2010 i request for the movie tickets for “Kites” and twice the request become faliure due to

some stupid server reason from your side, I am a person who get only one holiday in a week and i waited for the whole day for the confirmation

for the Kites movie and at every one hour i called and some one from your end promise me, ‘Sir u will get tickets” but nothing happen and my whole

day gone waste and mood too.


Third month , June-2010 i request the executive “Pratibha nachare” that please give me the tickets of “Rajneeti”, and at the same time i clearly mention that i didn’t get any ticket for May so please issue 4 tickets, I plan for a good day with my “Mother, Aunt and wife” to show them “Rajneeti”


To my surprise I got tickets of the “Lowest first row corner of the cinema hall” , where no one wish to see movie and even you can not see the movie properly, for me it was so Shameful situation in front of my family members that i even can not face them. I immediately went to ticket window and he simply denied to do anything on this even he has Many blank seats in the hall.


I pay money from my pocket and purchase 4 tickets and then missed 15 minuted movie and then some how balance situation.


I wrote 3 mails after next day and till date no one reply me back.


Today i call pratibha nachare and ask for the number of senior and she didnt give me any number and said senior is not one seat and cut the phone.


I am also working a service base company as Vice President but i never assume such situation of a customer after purchase a product and then regrets. Today i am simply at a situation where i can not do anything. This is the last mail I am forwarding you, then I will go back to the Mobile store and return the Blackberry as I dont wish to Pay a single penny for such insulting situation and shame in front of family.


Adding to the below mail when i try to contact some one senior from Travel port toll free number


I got reply that we are not responsible for your ticket allocation “Means you sit any where, even in first lowest row, we are giving you tickets, thats it”


“Dikshita – Sr manager replied me that she can not do anything in this matter, after asking her the senior name and number, she simply refuse to give any number and introduce one more name Ms Shabnam as Sr Supervisior.


at the end, no one is bother about the client and the dissatisfaction, I got cheated and pay money for movie.


I wish to share with all of member of Travel port that please take proper action for my refund of 4 tickets otherwise I will take proper action.


Hope u take some action or reply me ASAP

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