Traveltriangle — worst travel experience ever for my parents


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I should state this was one of the most noticeably bad excursions we had in our life, pressed with awful encounters and in numerous spots we didn’t get what was guaranteed!

To expand more on these ‘terrible encounters’ I have referenced underneath the occurrences which should be satisfied according to the vouchers and prior messages:

1) issue with lodging on the first day: when we achieved the inn on the first day, we were informed that our inn booking was dropped by movement triangle. This made a great deal of pressure us as we had recently arrived in thailand truly worn out and first thing we became more acquainted with was that inn was dropped. The inn revealed to us that they had gotten an email from traveltriangle on seventeenth jan asking for them to drop the booking! On reaching the movement specialist about the equivalent, the operator revealed to us that it was a specialized glitch! Truly! Our 4 hours were squandered in the totally different lodging game plan issue and this new inn was 3 kms from the area we needed (Travel specialist knew that area was imperative to us).

Around rs. 5000 were spent on our drive from the inn to the area we needed. Also, we had spent our cash furthermore in drive from prior guaranteed inn to the new lodging (Which the movement operator should pay, this was affirmed by movement triangle on whats application. Screen capture connected).

2) baggage issue: there was no notice in the vouchers about by and large gear weight which we could convey for nothing for every one of the vehicle we took. We had affirmed with the movement operator over email about as far as possible, to which they had referenced 20 kgs for all flights and speed water crafts (Check pt.3 in trailing mail). Obviously, again we were deceived!

For the flight that we took from krabi to bangkok, we became more acquainted with that the breaking point was 10 kgs so we needed to pay additional 8, 400 baht for the 28 kgs additional baggage.

3) issue with taxis: we were informed that we will be given air conditioning private taxis to our drive without fail. In any case, again we were bamboozled! In numerous occasions the taxi was a mutual taxi and a few times we were given non-air conditioning trucks with wooden seats/seats rather than what was guaranteed.

4) sustenance issue: amid one of the watercraft visits we had decided on, we were informed that we will be given both veg and non-veg nourishment and bites. Be that as it may, the nourishment accessible was just non-vegan to our mistake the same number of us were veggie lovers.

Over this, the movement operators (Komal, pooja and jitendar) just answered each time saying “sorry for the bother”. Truly! In the event that you all are so sad how might you permit such huge numbers of botches to occur!! This is client badgering! Amazingly disillusioned!! I am never going to book with traveltriangle until the end of time!!

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