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I have purchases rtr 2004v 2017 base variant in ap and taken my bike to bangalore. But after 2 services bike’s engine started making more noise. Now i completed all 5 free services but never resolved the problem. I have given last 4 services in trijal tvs service center, marathalli, bangalore. Every time they will replace some clutch cable, spark plug or chain sprocket. After 15 days of service still the same noise from engine. It’s very hard to digest such an wonderful motor sound so awkward in traffic. Because of this i can’t able to take this bike out of bangalore itself. When i have taken this bike tvs had provided 5 years of warranty for engine. I need an immediate response or action against it. I think tvs had such a good reputation among youngsters like us, so please keep that word in real.


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Name: nagamohankuamr

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