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We booked a Ticket in Universal Travels from Mayiladuthurai to Chennai Sunday, February 17, 2019 Reporting time: 22:45 and Departure time 23:00. We Waited more than 3 hrs but the bus was not came. We waited from Feb 17th 10:30 PM to Feb 18th 1 AM, . But Bus was not came..


Their office near Near MadhaKovil was closed at the time of reporting. We called Universal Travels-Customer Care: [protected] / [protected] more then 30-40 times but the number says “Switched Off”. without providing any alternative number how could they switch off and there is no tracker for the bus also. Then how come we’ll come to know.


How could a girl can wait for 3 hrs long at the mid night we waited for more than 3 hrs from Feb 17th 10:30 pm to Feb 18th 1 am? but the bus not came is the way the bus giving safety to passengers. if something happens wrong to me then who is responsible ?


There are 3 more passengers with us and waiting for the same bus. and they too suffered lot.


There is no bus to chennai at the time of 1 am from Mayiladuthurai to Chennai. We booked ticked and went in Some other Bus. We Got Bus to Chidambaram and then Chidambaram to Pondi then Chennai. We was switched more then 2 buses. at late night. This much we suffered lot.


And till now there is no response or apologize from the bus operator.


I Request kindly too action against this.


TICKET ID : TN3H30505520

Boarding Point: Myiladuthurai Near MadhaKovil,

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