West Bengal Taxi Association left mobile in taxi wb04f 9389


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I was motion to judicature in taxi no WB04F 9389 and he born Maine before of judicature gate No. E .

By mistake i left my mobile within the taxi and forthwith when realising that I left my mobile among five minutes i referred to as back on my variety. however it absolutely was already shifted by somebody.


I visited the police authority of judicature and got the footage of the taxi and therefore the variety. I even got the taxi drivers mobile variety however he’s not co in operation the least bit. I even have since lodged a grievance with Hare Street police office too.


His phone no is 


I would extremely appreciate if you may treat this matter prime priority as all my contact numbers ar in this.


Thanks and Regards

Md. Ayub

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