Whirlpool india high loaded whirlpool washer.


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I purchased a high loading whirlpool absolutely automatic washer in April 2017.

It worked well for 2 years as mentioned within the pledge. however from the last month there was a significant sound within the spin tub whereas rinse and spinning.

I lodged a criticism in whirlpool client center and provided me client complain no KL     and aforesaid that 2 year pledge amount was over thus scrutiny charge are going to be Rs 470/-. I accepted it and their person came to our home and checked the machine and confirmed that the sound is thanks to the bearing drawback. And additionally aforesaid blackball should get replaced. and aforesaid the value is Rs 7000/- that additionally comes with solely a pair of months pledge. On hearing this i used to be aghast as a result of machine wasn’t used a lot of really i feel high loading whirlpool laundry machines don’t seem to be sensible and have a nasty data and other people shouldn’t exit as a result of replacement of component is extremely expensive and there once sales service is additionally not sensible as a result of they outsourced service to 3rd parties and there solely motive is to extract the maximum amount cash as attainable. please dont obtain whirlpool washer.

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