Xpress Loan On My Credit Card — xpress loan amount not disbursed but my emi started


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I have requested for an xpress cash on my rbl card on 6th dec 2018. My requested amount haven’t got credited on my account but my emi started and i had done the payment too. Still this day i am following it up with the customer care executives i am only getting a default reply that “wait for another 24 or 48 hrs”.


This will be the first bank who started the emi before the disbursement of the loan amount.


Kindly look into this, either to close the xpress loan and make an refund of the paid emi or to credit the loan amount along with the emi i paid and recollect the same from my next month billing date onwards.


Please help me to find a proper resolution to this problem which is pending with rbl for the past 16 days.


T Arokiairudayaraj 5 years 0 Answers 182 views 0

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