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I want to bring a serious issue which is related to a charge for a booking that i made a few weeks ago.

Booking id : jps64v86s
Car name : hyundai creta

I have made a lot of bookings through zoomcar and i have had issues before with them but they seemed to have handled it pretty well.

But this time its a clear case of fraud. I am being charged for something which i have not even done. According to them the fuel tank was 80-90% full at the time of starting the booking which is completely false and incorrect. The fuel reading was below the 20% and even the yellow light was on at the time of starting the booking.

The funny thing is when you start your booking the app itself asks you to upload a picture of the odometre just to verify everything and i did that aswel and i even have the same picture which clearly show the start km reading and the fuel reading.

So i had to fill the tank which i did and according to their policy they will redund the money of the fuel incurred by me as they always so once i upload the bill. But they are not doing that and stating that i am lying and they arw not wven wntertaining the pictures or anything.

This is soo unprofessional and unethical how can you do something that. When your system is soo damn good how can you have a glitch like that. I am ready to even fight a legal case against this. I am not going to get them away from it.

This is just a start i will take them to every platform i can and i will ensure that my boice is heard. And if i am proven wrong i am ready to pay the penalty and i am ready to happily be borne with any other legal formalities

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