A Plus Holidays & Travels ” Extra charge of service which was not provided to me


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I booked two Volvo tickets from “A plus Holidays and Travels” (ticket attached with details) from Delhi to Jammu. I was charged Rs 1300 per ticket. Because ticket was mailed to me online I did not pay any extra charges of ticket delivery to this travel agency. On the day of travel (bus was supposed to leave at 6pm) at 2pm, I got a call from another travel agent that the Volvo bus in which I was supposed to travel has met with an accident and they are degrading my ticket to an AC deluxe bus. I called up A plus and informed Kanika (agent) of the same on which she told me that refund will be done once I am back from the trip i.e. on May 17th. While traveling, the AC in bus was not working, it hardly worked for an hour or two. Also the Volvo bus (bus no. 6465) about which I was told that it has met with an accident, I saw the same bus in Jammu when I reached there.

Now when I am asking for refund of at least the amount difference of Volvo and AC deluxe, agency is not refunding even a penny.


This was my worst journey and I would like you to please take hard action against “A plus Holidays and Travels”

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