Travel Port Travel Agency, Kothamangalam, Kerala — No refund after cancellation of ticket


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I booked a ticket to London Gatwick on 7th of April 2012 with the travel agent Travel Port, Kothamangalam.

However, because of some unforeseen circumstances, I had to cancel the ticket. It is more than a month since I cancelled the ticket but the travel agent has not given me the refund yet.


Name of the agent with whom I am dealing is Pradeep. I have called him many times and everytime I call him, he promises to make the payment next day. But he never does that and keep on postponing the payment. I would have called at least 7-8 times till now.


Address of the travel agent is given below.

G31 Travel Port, G 31, Revenue Tower, Kothamangalam ,Kothamangalam, Kottayam, Kerala ( North ) – 686691

Could you please help me to sort out this issue?

Remya G Kartha 5 years 0 Answers 192 views 0

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