Aeon Connect Travels — Dropped all passenger at Tamilnadu Border at midnight


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


My journey was terrible. I had been asked to get down at TamilNadu border during midnight [12:30 AM]. It was happened with all passengers including women and children. On asking, Driver and Conductor responded that we do NOT have permit to drive in Karnataka hence you have to get down at Tamilnadu Border and continue further journey in Regular and NON-AC Bus.


On asking of alternate AC bus, driver replied that only NON-AC bus is available. If you want AC bus then You can arrange by your own. According to him, he is doing favor to passenger to provide alternate Bus during midnight.


Bus Detail: On boarding, I have NOT received water bottle and snacks [promised on Aeon Connect Website]. On top of, AC switch was NOT working properly and attendant [looks like cleaner] reply was also rude and I had disturbed him in night.


As I was not feeling well and had fever hence I faced tremendous problem while coming from Tamilnadu border to Bangalore [Foram Mall].


Could you please take serious action against the Aeon Connect Travel.



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