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I am told by my travel agent (Nuhuman) that my saudi visa has got rejected twice by the saudi embassy due to minor name difference in the sponsor’s passport. I have provided the affidavit for the same, yet the agent says it is not sufficient. I was also told that i will need to pay rs 6000 as mofa fees incurred for the processing of the visa application inspite of getting rejected. This is an extremetly poor customer support for


1) for the fact that i was never informed that it will get rejected and i need to incur charges inspite of my visa not being stamped.

2) there is absolute no proof provided whatsoever for the fact that my visa stamping has been rejected twice except providing mofa numbers.


I will like you to introspect and provide me the best possible solution. I have used akbar travels couple of times before when i travelled to singapore and saudi arabia and that is one of the major reasons as to why i choose akbar travels inspite of my parents being in andhra pradesh. I wish not to lose this trust and hoping to have a amicable solution to this issue.


Please find attached copy of my parents visa copy and the current status of visa that i see as of 11th feb which does not mention about visa being cancelled or rejected. I have also attached copy of my payment receipt and the travel agent person.




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