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On 7th dec 2018, for procuring dubai visa for me and family, i initiated a debit card transfer of 30000 rs to akbar travels. They confirmed they didn’t receive the money. My bank (Icici) told me that money has gone from their end and they asked me to raise a service request to confirm whether they received money or not and to get a refund. They also told me the estimated time for such a confirmation would be 35 days. Of course i could not wait for 35 days as my travel was coming up in about 10 days. So i procured a confirmation mail from akbar travels stating that they would refund my money in case they receive same. On this confirmation and owing to urgent need i transferred another 30000 to akbar travels. They confirmed receipt of same immediately and i got my visa in 5 days.


I did not get any further updates from my bank till 22nd of january, where upon they informed me that my claim was declined by the merchant. So i contacted akbar travels again to ask them to refund my money. After several miscommunications they finally confirmed back to me stating that they have initiated a refund to me and shared me a screenshot of same. And that i should wait for 5-7 working days for it to get credited.


I again waited for 5 working days and checked back with them when i did not receive my money. They merely insisted again that they have initiated refund and i should check with my bank. My bank in turn told me they can’t do anything if the money has not come to my account and only akbar travels can confirm this. I checked with them again and akbar travels asked me for my bank statement to prove that i have indeed not received the money back from them. I send this to akbar travels and they reverted saying that from my account i have transferred 30000 to them and i have got visa in return for that. For any other queries contact my bank.


If visa was for the money (30000) transferred from my account then, what did i get for the money (30000) transferred from my husband credit card?
Why did you initiate a charge back to my account and send me screenshot of same as success if you did not owe me any money?


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