All India Institute Of Medical Science [AIIMS] — fee transaction unsuccessfull


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I have applied for AIIMS 2019 exams. I made the payment of rs.1500/- which was successful and my bank account was debited. Yet the aiims site is showing that the payment has not been made. When i am going to make the payment again, a message is coming as below:

“a payment has already been intiated for the same reference number. Your request cannot be processed.”

It would be most kind of you to look into the matter urgently so that i can complete the application and get the centre of my choice.

I cannot proceed until and unless the payment is accepted.

I have tried several numbers that have been provided without any success. I have even sent a mail to ‘aiims.’ but have not received any reply as yet.

Kindly look in this matter urgently as the final registration closes tomorrow.

Waiting for a response.

Divya purohit

Email :


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