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I purchased (ORDER # 114-2104675-2537039) 2 items on Thursday, January 31, and it was guaranteed next day delivery.

Amazon updated on Friday that 1 item was delivered at 4 pm in my apartment complex office, I went to the office at 4:30 to get my package, however, there was nothing there.

Late at night Amazon updated again the delivered information and show that was delivered at 8:20 pm with a message (your package was delivered. It was handed directly to a receptionist or someone at front desk.), this is a total lie, because of the office close at 5:30 pm. And when I went there today (02/04/19) was signed in the book that was delivered on 02/02/19, so my package was not delivered on Friday and worse than that Amazon update fake information about the deliveries to avoid complains.

The second Item Amazon updated on Friday 02/01/19 9:03 pm delivery attempted. “unfortunately, we couldn’t find a secure location to leave your package unattended. We will try again. Please tell us where to leave your package if you have a preferred location.” This is another lie because nobody tried delivery anything and there is no note at my door apartment, anything that can prove it. Until Saturday nobody delivered anything, so on Sunday, I found the box in front of my apartment’s door. It is really fun because their excuse for not having delivered on Friday was because “unfortunately, we couldn’t find a secure location to leave your package unattended.” And on Sunday, was it not a problem?

I am really tired about this fake promise about guaranteed delivered in 1 or 2 days, this already happened several times with me and what annoys me the most, it is the fact of Amazon updated fake information about the delivery status just to avoid complains. This is unacceptable behaviour, trying to fool customers.

I will no longer renew my prime member and also will sue the Amazon for purposely posting fake delivered updates to fool customers.

Resolution Demanded: Get refund or credit for your purchase

Alvaro Souto Padron de Figueiredo 4 years 0 Answers 129 views 0

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