Atmaram Travels Complaints Booked From Make My Trip — atmaram travel bus very bad n staff too are not good


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I have booked this bus online from make my trip from goa till mumbai for nite bus ac sleeper upper berth (4 member) and the bus was an scrap n in one of the bus top roof was not pack and some net 7 foot long was there from where a cold air was coming and one of my friend was not able to sleep the while nite. And that berth was not having curtain n the bed was very dirty and charging point not working. When raise the same to staff the ther answer was complain to bus owner n it is like thus only

You shold have not booked or get down of bus.


After that we raise the same to make my trip and they have not yet raised any ticket of complain and not yet responed to our complain. We thought that atlest make my trip will take any action but they didnt.


Such bus service should not be there in make my trip

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