Axis Bank cheated by axis bank jasola by – man salauddin mobile no ninety one


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Its been over 1yr axis abnk isn’t cooperating i’m Cheated by Axis bank Jasola, 


Issue – 1yr back I visited Axis bank jasola branch to inquire concerning my existing regular payment account no    as my new job have to be compelled to have axis AC 

Here is cheating starts man salahuddin Mobile no ninety one    – misguided American state expression to not worry concerning previous account simply ignore it and open a brand new account 

Ok a brand new bank account was opened    with a promise it’ll presently be regenerate to regular payment account once regular payment is attributable to the account that ne’er happened.


Soon once few months I notice that AC no    is active and that i am being charged for this account {and the|and therefore the|and conjointly the} account is in minus also AC    isn’t any longer regenerate to regular payment until date it’s been over 1yrs currently and that i am being charged for this AC as per bank account

I have been troubled since 1yrs to unravel the difficulty, I actually have visited the Axis Noida sector eighteen branch to shut AC    and conjointly paid the fine.

I expect Axis bank to be honest to its customers, why square measure you using cheaters. man salahuddin Mobile no ninety one    simply to complete his target misguided American state with wrong data.


The funniest half is man Sheeb Branch head Jasola, I visited her multiple times explained her my question that AC    remains not regenerate to regular payment AC her reply “Sir why do not you maintain balance during this account” this an enormous nonsense. rather than proving resolution she is being nonsense


Meanwhile, I actually have conjointly shared signed document and a type with Arvind (mobile no   ) from Axis bank to convert AC no once several months man Arvind comes with a solution AC no   is regenerate to regular payment AC once more huge nonsense, 

   is already closed, that was already a regular payment AC

From last 1yrs i’m obtaining my regular payment in    that remains not regenerate to regular payment AC up to now I actually have been charged over 1700RS as considalition charges 


Thought they reverted the costs however it took over 1yr with finish no of visits to Jasola branch

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