RBL Bank mastercard misuse


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I am not exploitation my RBL BANK mastercard since last seven months however these days underneath my surprise, I actually have received few messages (7 to eight msgs) during a amount of one to two minutes that a charge of Rs.xxxx has been intitiated on your card and obtainable balance is Rs.xxxxx

This way in one minute, Rs.70, , 000/- is debited (initiated)from my mastercard. i’m abundantly shocked that while not pw and otp on mobile however it’s done?????


I have at once lodged grievance to rbl mastercard toll free variety inside 0.5 AN hour on seeing this misuse activities on my card and blocked my card.


I dont perceive what’s the safety of the common men???


Mr.Modiji says be change and use and promote digital payment…


How will we have a tendency to move a head with this sort of lacking in system????


I want immediate answer for this transactions done on my mastercard these days id est.29/07/2019.


Pl facilitate me to unravel this matter…



KIRAN PAREKH 4 years 0 Answers 185 views 0

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