Bank Of Baroda not received record and cheque book of my accounting when one month of application


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I apply for accounting on twenty six calendar month 2019 and deposit 49000 profit my account as a gap balance and on twenty-six Gregorian calendar month the bank staff aforementioned that the account can open inside ten days after that  can aforementioned that take ten days a lot of as a result of our system is collapsed then i’ll maintain eighteen July and also the bank employee will aforementioned that I’ll for certain offer you record and record on twenty two July and transfer all of your documents these days then i’ll maintain twenty-two July morning however he didn’t transfer any document and aforementioned Pine Tree State to return at 5pm thus i’ll go at 5 pm on 22 july then he will aforementioned that you just will for certain receive your record on twenty seven July by speedpost.

and these days is twenty nine July and that i once more visit bank and also the staff says that your record isn’t dispatch until currently and when dispatch i’ll take approx one week to receive.


today over one month from applying for accounting however i not received any passbook record for my accounting.

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