Byju’s on-line course for my kids eighth and eleventh normal


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Shiva Kant Misra have a tendency to asked for the refund of my cash. we have a tendency to conjointly asked them to require their Tablets from United States and begin the refund method. we have a tendency to educated them concerning our call over phone and via e-mail too. They somehow passed the time and at the tip educated United States that your cash cannot be refunded. when ton of followups we have a tendency to we have a tendency tore offered another merchandise however we denied and easily asked our a refund. currently for last one month no one has contacted United States and that we haven’t any data concerning our cash. we have a tendency to ar asking them to refund our cash initial and take back their Tablets that ar unbroken in packed condition.


Please resolve my complain.




Shiva Kant Misra

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