Cake Studio / Brewberrys cordial reception


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Service: very poor, rude staff, coarse behaviour and no business ethics. sounds like this place is go by bunch of feckless youngsters United Nations agency don’t have any plan concerning client service or business rule and ar solely staring at pillage individuals of their cash.

Quality: substandard and zip extraordinary like they claim their cakes to be

Price: usurious, method too high for the cake that i received.

The worse half is that there’s a cake creative person United Nations agency goes by an analogous name and sounds like heaps of consumers like Pine Tree State have mistaken to be that creative person associate degreed placed an order with them.

The flavour of my cake was wrong, the look on my bespoken cake was obscurity on the point of what i used to be junction rectifier to believe. Was an especially frustrating and unsatisfactory expertise.

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