Capital initial dangerous behaviour, mental torture, harassment & frustration to the client


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .




I got a invoke twenty first Gregorian calendar month, 2017 at 5:25 pm from      variety relating to the due quantity of my loan account variety 12281763. The person name was praful and that i had a verbal dispute with him. He was associate degree impolite person and do not savvy to speak with the shoppers. Your assortment team calls North American country thrice on a daily basis asking regarding constant factor regarding the installment that i had already cleared to 1 of them that i will be able to be paying the installment consecutive month however still these individuals area unit career North American country once more and once more.


Regarding that man praful, i need associate degree action ought to be taken against that person as he tortured American state mentally, troubled American state and pissed off American state. He first known as my mother and keeping my mother in conference and than known as American state. is that this the thanks to treat the client? this can be however your agency deals with the customer.


I known as your client support team and talked with sarvesh, he filed a grievance once morest him and he assured American state that i will be able to be obtaining a revert back from your company with the action against that person praful and your assortment team will not be career North American country again from consecutive day however until currently they’re career North American country thrice on a daily basis and even on sunday. I visited your workplace nowadays (27th Gregorian calendar month, 2017) and saw that your team haven’t even processed my grievance nevertheless.


I got a decision nowadays (31st Gregorian calendar month, 2017 sunday) from at. On sunday you decision the shoppers. I filed another grievance on client. email address and until currently i have not got any response from your company. i have not seen such a foul company, support, service of any company. no one is aware of resolution for the question. Worst loan agency I actually have seen in my life. you must shut your company as you do not understand what expertise is.


Now let American state clear you my points:


Firstly these calls ought to be stopped from your finish and will not happen this factor once more within the future and second if you will not be taking any action against that person praful, i will be aiming to the patron court for this dangerous behaviour & mental torture from your agency.


I want a revert back from you on my sign –      ASAP.


Thanks & regards,

Rishabh sharma

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