Club Mahindra Holidays — Club Mahindra is a cheater. It sucks!!


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How do they cheat? 1. Their representatives will ask you to fill-up a coupon with your address and phone number.


They will call everyone telling him he is a winer in the lucky draw and ask him to collect a free holiday package from their office.


If you go there, they will talk about(all are lies) some aluring offers/ packages with Rs.[protected]. They will ask you to provide one account / card number for this payment. They will also ask you sign on a document for this offer. Now you are trapped!!.


You actually signed on their membership form with a membership amount of 3-4 lacs. EMIs will be charged to you (you already have authorised them by signing the document and disclosing you card/ account number).


You will come to know about this fraud after 1-2 months after recieving the wellcome kit.


Now the 2nd phase of the trap: If you go for the cancellation, they will tell you as per rule you have to cancel your membership within 10 days after applying the membership. But you 7. Now the harasment and pain. You will do lot of follow-ups, but you will not get the money back easily.


Please spread this awareness and don’t get into the trap of Club Mahindra!! Don’t even fill-up the coupon.

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