comPayTM – Booked ticket for 2.30 i got ticket


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


i had booked ticket from piduguralla to hyderabad i selected bus at 2.30 pm on 11 Feb 2019 order no of the ticket is 7324352313 and i got ticket for 5.45 pm

i thought it was my mistake and i canceled it again booked a ticket for for same bus at 2.30 pm order no of the ticket is 7324951767 again i got 5.45 bus ticket

they had charged 140 rs per ticket on cancellation then i made a video while booking a ticket 3.45 pm and 4.45 pm app is showing ticket for 7.45pm

i had raised a complaint by call customer care of paytm and i sent a mail for paytm with screenshot and video i did not get the proper response for them they are saying its my mistake

yarramsetti pavan kumar 4 years 0 Answers 119 views 0

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