Makemytrip (india) Pvt. Ltd. – Scam by making false promise


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


We are a victim of the false promise made by MakeMyTrip to compensate for the losses caused by the mistake made by MakeMyTrip. Attached the email of the claim for the loss of 80000 caused by MakeMyTrip which was rejected after a struggle of one year



On 21.1.19 at CSM airport, Mumbai, the airline initially demanded above Rs.40000 for the baggage. Your helpline had confirmed to refund the amount and we conveyed them our inability to pay that much of amount as we were not prepared for the same. Also, you had not confirmed/assured. We would lose heavily if we would cancel our trip and go back of the Hotel and tour bookings had gone in waste. On the spot, we decided to throw away our clothes to reduce the weight and carry only to the extent which we could pay in cash on the spot, that is Rs.13740/-. We are enclosing the Bills of our lost/wasted cloths and request you to refund/reimburse the amount to us at the earliest.

Hope, you will bear the same as we had already suffered a lot and lost heavily. Kindly resolve the same at the earliest.

Dharmavir Gupta.

Attached: Invoices and excel sheet stating the contents of the invoices

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