Country Club India — fake call.. gift vouchers


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


We had been called to attend 1 hr presentation of country club at 6.00 pm on 17 frb 2019 ..korum mall Thane Mumbai, Even after 2 hr of session .when I said I am not interested to buy membership the they said we will not provide your voucher and grill coupon. we all have to face weird behavior. On top of that they did not give redemption voucher as well which they committed. This type of cheating was not expected from country club. Country club is operating very impolite, rude, unmannerly, … Completely fraud and cheating.

[2/18, 10:54 PM] Mithlesh Sharma: As discussed on Sunday . Pls send gift voucher, Gift Code is CC/687

[2/18, 10:57 PM] Mithlesh Sharma: Dear Mr & Mrs Sharma

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