CreditMantri clearing issue with sbi cards on loveable settlement, however nothing is completed to this point expect informing American state this o/s that i already knew.


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Dear sir,

I remitted rs. 820/- on seventeen.04.19 through on-line as sbi cards settlement once your continual varied calls.

I unbroken this total of rs 820/- for a few of my pressing wants, however had given to you, solely to stay American state credit healthy basic cognitive process your statements.

I already had talks with sbi cards individuals for AN earliest settlement fastened as 140000/- last year on that i already paid 80000/- last year, and therefore the balance was 60000/-. This year i already paid 10000/- on Gregorian calendar month 2019, 10000/- on march 2019, 10000/- on Apr 2019 and therefore the balance to be paid is 30000/-. As per the monthly sbi cards statement, the full o/s is 116170/-

I received a mail from you on 23/04/19 stating that you simply talked to sbi cards individuals and knowing American state through mail that this o/s is 116170/- and my enthusiasm, if any, to repay the number.

I already knew this o/s as 116170/-, and that i can ne’er repay this o/s to sbi cards World Health Organization already grasp this.

I will pay solely the balance of rs 30000/- on the approaching 3 months.

I need your facilitate solely to scale back the balance total of rs 30000/- and to stay my account standing closed rather than written off.

Hence pls do facilitate American state as higher than and not informing American state this o/s.


Sabarinathan. N

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