Dream Homes Property Developers Pvt Ltd, Shanthi Colony 11th Main Road, Anna Nagar, Chennai. — Real estate fraud


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I paid advance of rs.60000 for buying land to dream homes property developers pvt ltd for their site located at chinnivakkam village on 2nd august 2015 on the assurance given by their executive mr.Deva

(Mob: [protected]) that the money will be repaid immediately if i am not satisfied with the documents. He gave me the xerox copy of documents which was verified by my lawyer and he advised me not to proceed further since the approval is not done properly and the common facilities like roads are not transferred to the local panchayath. This has been conveyed to their legal adviser mr.Maposiveeran ( mob: [protected], [protected]) and a letter is given to him on 22nd august requesting to repay the money. The reason they gave for not made gift deed for common property is the involvement huge money to be paid to the panchayath. This means they want to cheat the panchayath by not paying the money now and later the buyers of land will be in trouble to develop that property.


After several followups they gave me a cheque for rs 30000 by end october which got bounced and again after several followups they cleared it on 4th november 2015. They assures to settle my balance money of rs.30000 within 15 days. I again followed up with their general manager mr.Bagyaraj

(Mob: [protected]) every 15 days. Till date this money is not paid to me and he says their business is not doing well. They have already cheated many persons like this and details available at social site. He is boldly saying to complain with any authorities after committing this fraud.


Their administration office ( mob: [protected]) will never give any reply for our queries. Their executives will also not take my call. Their managing director mr.Shastri babu ( mob: [protected]) is never available at office and will also not take call.


They are cheating the public by offering lands without any proper approvals.

There are many faults in their documents. Their target is nri clients who stays here shortly and not bother to check the documents. Also many low income group is targeted offering them 600 sq.Ft land who also not check the documents.


They never refund the money to persons who finds fault with their documents and drag them indefinitely giving excuses.


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