Sri Durga Properties, Yelahanka — Real estate fraud and cheating


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I am sunil kumar sahu.


Like everybody’s dream, i too wanted to have a home of my own with my wife and parents.

I started looking for various properties in bangalore and finally settled for a plot in “sri durga elite” north bangalore promoted my sri durga properties, yelahanka.


I booked it for rs. 6 lakhs (25%) and came to a sale agreement on 01 aug 15. On 01 feb 16 the agreement expired but the builder failed to hand over the plot till date. I have been going to their office daily but the md of the firm never meets us. Recently their marketing team told team told me that they sold my plot to someone else.


I was shocked and shattered as i was cheated and all my life’s savings, provident fund was gone. I don’t have a penny with me now. And now when asked for refund and compensation, no one from company responds it has been really frustrating and tiring in getting my hard earned money back from their trap.


After many attempts i got a cheque which too bounced. And i am not the only one. There are many defense personnel and other civilian whom he has cheated but sri durga properties is not refunding the money. Even if after fighting he is giving cheques to few, the cheques are bounced back.


I have now filed an fir in yekahanka police station, fir no.173/2016 dated 25 jun 16.


Also one more fir has been loged in baglur police station – fir no. 82/2016.

Mr. Srinivasa gowda has also been an accused in cheque bounce case – case no. Crl. Rp 32/15


I will also take this to local media which is helping me to raise this issue to expose this scandal of land mafia.


Please don’t fall prey to mr. Srinivasa gowda. He is the cheater of first class.


For any more information, contact me.

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