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I am Dinkar Pandey and I have booked Mahindra TUV300 through Drivezy on 23rd July 2018. My booking details are below:


Vehicle- Mahindra TUV300

Vehicle booked on-23rd July 2018

Date of Travel-Aug 19 2018 from 5 am to 10 pm



I received 2 calls before the start of my journey which I could not pick as I was riding towards the vehicle pick up location. I stopped midway to get guidance on the address. I called and discussed but the guy on the other side did not tell me anything related to document requirement. When I reached the venue they demanded me License and one more ID. I was carrying only license as I was not informed in advance. I had to arrange the other document which wasted my 1 hour even before the journey started.


Later I started the journey with all my family members, I already have a car which is 5 seater, I needed to book with Drivezy as my family members were in town and they wanted to visit Lonavla. we were seven of us because of which I had to book a larger car through Drivezy.


The journey was going good until the vehicle stopped moving ahead in the middle of the highway while our way back to Mumbai from Lonavla. This happened between 9 to 930 pm on Vashi bridge and we were stranded in the middle of highway. The vehicle was not accelerating. I called the same guy with whom I contacted during the vehicle pick up and after multiple attempts to talk to him he told me that it must be the case of clutch plate damage which has resulted into this condition. I asked him to help me with a back up vehicle but they out-rightly refused me to give the back up vehicle quoting that the vehicles were not available. Back up vehicle was very important for me as I had all my family members travelling along and all of them were stranded on the road because of this issue. one Senior citizen, 3 females and 3 others including me were stranded helplessly on the highway at 9:30 PM in the night because of Drivezy.


Then I inquired about car mechanics in near by areas but as it was late in the evening, there were no mechanics available. After my continuous multiple calls to the Drivezy guy, he told me that they cannot do anything on this and I only will have to tow the vehicle to the nearest drop off point in Vashi. I searched for towing truck and with frustrating efforts of half an hour I could get a vehicle which towed us to the Vashi location of Drivezy. I paid INR 900 for getting the vehicle towed.


When we reached at Vashi drop off point, the fleet in-charges of Drivezy at that location told us to pay for damages. They didnt even inspected the vehicle and without even opening the hood of the vehicle they told us that the clutch plate is burnt because of harsh driving and hence we need to pay for damage. I told them that how can we be liable for clutch plate burning as its a wear and tear part and we drove only approx 258 kms. This is impossible to burn clutch plate in such a small distance without any other prior issue in the vehicle and poor maintenance could have a role to play in this.


We reached at vashi drop off point approximately between 11 to 11:30 pm and argued with them for not charging us with something which we are not liable for. They were junior guys who were not having decision making power, I even asked them to keep the vehicle parked with them for another 6-7 hours after which we could have got a mechanic who would have inspected the vehicle to tell us the real problem with the vehicle. But they were not ready to take the keys and accepting the vehicle without payments.


I told them that when we hire vehicle we inspect it from outside and accept it, we neither do inspection of engine parts nor its possible as we are hiring the car for short distance and not buying the car. if it was damaged by us from outside possibly any damage to body part then I would have accepted the charges but internal damage could only be a result of poor maintenance. I drive my car day in day out, in 5 years I have not got my clutch plate damaged how can I get it damaged in 258 kms in their car. Even after arguing with them for hours they were not ready to listen to anything. Their customer care response was also very poor, where he started asking me questions like what you know about car, do you know driving, what is the clutch plate, do you know about engine. Am I suppose to answer all these questions to him. Is this the way they should treat me when I m stranded on rosd with my entire family. Only mistake I did is to book car through Drivezy which in my view is a very unprofessional company and their main motive is to earn profit even if its happening by cheating the customers.


They were asking us to pay INR 9990 for damage of clutch plate. I have no idea about Mahindra car parts prices but I am pretty sure the clutch plate could not be such costly and the prices quoted by them are wrong. They have not shared any break-up also. It was late in night hence there were no mechanics available to cross check these details, also these guys were not ready to wait till next morning for us to cross verify and do the payment. We were stuck badly, I was highly frustrated as the place at which all this discussion was going on was just like an open garage and I had my entire family waiting there for a fair conclusion but as non of the people talking to us were having any authority to take any decision on this and were stick to the point that we can only go if we pay otherwise we need to take the broken vehicle along with us.


It was already close to 2 AM and more then 3 hrs arguing since we came here. Every single person of family was frustrated and have gone through a mental agony because of Drivezy. At this time I decided to pay them to get my family out of this situation and reach home safely. I paid INR 1560 in advance and INR 9999 for damage cost, INR 516 for distance charges, INR 2330 for fuel which is again on higher side (they charged me with a mileage of approx 9 kmpl however they told me the vehicle has a mileage of approx 15 kmpl). Additionally I have also paid INR 900 for towing the vehicle and approx INR 1000 to transport self and family back to home at Andheri from Vashi location of Drivezy.


They have duped me with my hard earned money, wherein they have made me spend more then INR 16000 for a trip of 258 kms and on top of this my entire family including 3 females and one senior citizen have gone through a highly frustrating journey and mental agony.


I will not let the drivezy get through like this with cheating money from customers, not respecting customers, making customers strand on road hence compromising the safety of female members and others, not giving any back up support and proper response.


I can never forget, my entire family can never forget this horrible experience given by Drivezy to us. The mental anguish which has been received due to Drivezy has made a huge impact on our life and we have a strong intention that it should never happen to anyone else the way it has happened to us. Hence its important to bring this to public notice so that they are aware about malpractices of Drivezy.


since the day I came to pick the vehicle until today Drivezy is harassing me mentally and financially.


Harassment at the point of pick up of vehicle:[protected]

Drivezy failed to inform me about requirement of second government ID. If it’s mandatory Drivezy is suppose to inform the same in advance not right at the time of picking the vehicle. Drivezy have not informed me and hence I did not carry it, the pick up location was half an hour away from my home, it wasted more than an hour for me to arrange and submit the document. Also it was wee hours in the morning I had humongous issues to arrange the document. As it has happened because of drivezy failing to inform, drivezy is obliged to compensate me for wastage of time and also for the harassment I have gone through.


Harassment when vehicle broke down.—–

I have read many posts and review about Drivezy and its flooded with the feedback that they give vehicles without proper maintenance and cleaning and that may lead to failure of vehicle during the trip. I can quote examples from Facebook page where people have written that they give vehicles wothout proper cleaning and proper maintenance. When I am picking the vehicle I am checking it only from outside for sign of any physical damage so later while dropping off the vehicle I should be responsible for the Physical damage as its the only thing which is in my control and its the only thing I should be held liable for. As far as engine parts are concerned, everything is interconnected, the reason why vehicle broke down is not known to me as I am not a mechanic. If Drivezy vehicle would have been checked and maintained regularly it would have never happened that in just 258 kms it got broke down (Drivezy ground staff declared it a clutch plate issue without checking the vehicle, assuming they are god and they know everything and they didn’t feel a need to open the bonnet and check the actual cause of the vehicle breakdown).

When I towed it to Drivezy guys at Vashi they did not checked it and straightaway told me that its a vehicle clutch plate burning issue. Of course its easy for them to say that without even a single thought as they are not the one who are going to pay for it but for a person like me who need to pay for it from his hard earned money would definitely like to know in detail about the damage, would like to verify it with some other mechanic (as i feel that Drivezy guys are not trust worthy, they being trying to dupe me without even checking the vehicle) and also would like to understand the breakup of the money Drivezy is charging before the payment.


When the vehicle broke down it was 9:30 pm at Vashi bridge, my family got stranded in the night, it took me one hour to figure out that there are no mechanics available in the night and only option is to tow the vehicle to Vashi drop off point asDrivezy harassed me by not supporting me with back up vehicle as well. Because all Drivezy wanted is to dupe the customer with money and no support or service in exchange.


When I came to Vashi drop off point I realized that they have not even checked the vehicle and asking me to pay for damage, INR 9999 as damage cost without even giving me breakup of the same. As a person who is asked to pay I have right to know before making payment that what is the breakup and what all am I charged for. Drivezy staff was not able to verify the damage properly and also were not able to give me any breakup of the amount. This took another 1 hour (all this while my entire family was stuck in Drivezy’s garage like place). Drivezy harassed me by not giving breakup of the charges they were asking me to pay. How can Drivezy ask me to pay for something without knowing the actual issue, how have they arrived at an amount without inspecting the amount, now after more then 10 days they are telling me that they will share the breakup but I will not accept it now as they must have made forge bills and its easy to do that as all this while vehicle was in Drivezy’s custody.


Harassement by Drivezy customer care:

I also called customer care to get support as I was not getting any support from ground staff, I called the no [protected] at 11:41 pm and discussed the matter for 7 min 21 sec, at 11:50 pm for 3 sec, at 11:51 pm for 11 sec.

Called [protected] at 11:52 and discussed for 16 min, at 12:09 AM and discussed for 6 min 44 sec, at 12:17 am and discussed for 1 min 57 sec.

During all the calls none of the guys helped, all i wanted is to understand the breakup of the damage instead of telling that they all asked me stupid questions like do you know what is clutch plate, do you know what is engine. in my situation just imagine if somebody from customer care will ask this question what level of frustration customer will be into. Instead of support they are trying to test you car knowledge in the middle of night when you are already stranded on road since more then 3-4 hrs with your entire family.


All I wanted is to have some more time until morning to get a mechanic for verifying the damage in a non biased manner so that i also can know what exactly has happened. But neither customer care nor the ground staff has the authority to take decision on that. Mechanics were not available in the night and my family was literally on road since 4 hrs so I decided to pay the money just for the safety and care of my family without even knowing the issue and the reason for the payment.


Now this is clear case of cheating as :


1) Physical inspection is all customer do while hiring the vehicle then how can customer be liable for internal damage. It can simple be a poor maintenance issue and Drivezy can easily blame it on me. A poorly maintained vehicle not necessarily give signs in 50 kms, this term which Drivezy has made is to cheat and earn easy money from customers by the means of harassment. Drivezy want the customers to pay for Drivezy’s own negligence in maintenance.


2) Secondly if Drivezy really feels that the damage has happened due to harsh driving (which is impossible to happen as I am regular driver of my own car and i had never had such issue in 5 years) then why they have not given me proper time to verify the damages with a mechanic. Drivezy have not given me proper time to verify the damages from a mechanic in an unbiased. They themselves did not do any inspection all they wanted is to dupe me with money.


3) Every person has a right to know the breakup of the payment he is making before actually doing the payment but why you have made me to pay before even telling me the breakup. Drivezy is still not having breakup after 10 days of the issue forget about having it beforehand. How will you have breakup when your guys have not done any inspection. They were not aware about the actual issue, they were just guessing and made me pay based on their guess. Now even if you will share the breakup I will not accept it as you had vehicle for more then 10 days and you might have forged the bills.

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