Elite Group Of Loyalty Services services don’t seem to be been provided and nobody is selecting the phone


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I suresh sirodkar became member of upper crust of loyalty services on twenty fifth December 2018 by paying rs.1, 25, 000. there have been legion claims regarding gifts and services which might be provided by them.

Following services were to be received by USA inside one month from obtaining registered:-

2 grams gold coin
Imagica passes
athletic facility membership of two years
room set

Of that none folks is been received until date.

After a month none of the sale government was respondent the phone & there phone is returning transitioned.

The head person naming manish patil whose phone continues to be ringing not respondent decision|the decision} & last he picked up giving a hope that it’s not a fraud company care can offer you a decision & then we tend to receive call from hyderabad client care that is once more inefficient we’ve no records of Mumbai members.

Mumbai sales government naming imran leader, shabbas shaikh & poonam mishra square measure the one World Health Organization gave false claims and currently there phone is transitioned.

Requesting you to require some action as there square measure over a hundred aggrieved members and hoping there hard-earned a refund.

Requesting to grant the refund.

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