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I have spoken to repairs xiomi a couple of time currently, they do not even elevate up my phone, one in every of the foremost rotten company I restricted. and that I additionally feel frightened to trot out you, your service was wonderful. same day answer and inv given. however I feel I paid you therefore you too gotta facilitate, these guys got no plan of client service, completely pathetic.

On twelfth Gregorian calendar month, they upraised the phn, until date no response, all they assert “we can revisit to u in 0.5 hours.” I will be able to ne’er ever get xiomi once more, most useless firm. It was simply resetting activation button. and additionally, they sms American state to pay rs189, once I raise provide a link once more no answer.

please assist.

rasikla jain 3 years 0 Answers 90 views 0

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