FlowerAura — not delivered items on given time


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Hi, I ordered from floweraura orderID: 2916157, ON 14FEB at my husband office. Their delivery boy called on 7:30pm for asking to deliver the item. After office hours its not possible to wait, he asked for tomorrow although enticing of gift was already lost. And he didn’t come on 15th feb, then again called on 16th feb afternoon (Saturday). Saturday and sunday no office.

My concern if FLOWERAURA not able to deliver the items why they commit and took order and with paying so much money for chocolates and flower for delivery after 4 days is really worth. We raised for cancellation but they not refunding with saying given 3 attemps .

my question its not amazon and flipkart 3-4 day delivery can work, it is day of some one for whom this day is eternity of moment and celebration .

The momentum of gift not at impressive if foweraura delivery as per there desired time and days

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