Flyp restaurant Lower Parel (Funbars Hospitality) fooled folks on thirty first 2019 eve


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I have no words to explain however worst was my expertise with them… They ruined our yr… Worst management not expected the least bit… they need virtually fooled folks for the cash… Over jammed there was no place to square it absolutely was therefore tough to breathe, my husband way even entered the place had nothing… Oversmart and rude workers no manners to speak to the guests… abundantly amateur they were themselves drunk… we have a tendency to we have a tendency tore thirteen folks and paid {a we have a tendency toek|every week|per week} before for our bookn then too we failed to got a table no food no drinks we hardly had something… No maincourse we have a tendency to came empty abdomen and eat outside even when payn some 25k for thirteen people… folks were fighting for food there was an enormous queue outside the room wherever folks were grabbing and troubled to induce the starters… it absolutely was clearly mentioned that bar wil be open until two am den too at ten pm we have a tendency to were told that drinks area unit out of stock and if we would like additional then we’ve got to acquire it… Ohh really?? an enormous time no for this place… They failed to even served the those who purchased their tables… This guys ought to refund everyones cash… Aman i suppose hez the manager der, poor management skills he secure that he wil provide US a table as we have a tendency to we have a tendency tore an enormous cluster however we have a tendency to failed to got any instead those who created a money payment on the spot got initial preference and until the time we were standing within the queue to enter this place all the tables were occupied… Stop light folks for cash… Its a flop restaurant  not flyp restaurant …


It was so a waste of money! I’m undecided if there was in need of workers or food or each. could or not it’s a gold pass or silver, all of them suffered because of poor service quality, no liquor and food. it’d are ideal if the management would have thought of their cafe’s capability and sold  passes consequently instead of being greedy and creating the place over inhabited leading to discontentedness for all. i’d ne’er suggest anyone to go to this place simply not worthwhile. extremely defeated with the management for laying waste my yr eve.


They should refund the cash

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