Golden cordial reception India solve the difficulty concerning filing of form details within the begin section


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Dear sir/madam, 

Would like to resolve the difficulty concerning filling of form details within the begin section. i’m prem chandjain (Depositor), holding a account in golden forests (India) restricted (Gfil limited) bearing the subsequent details :-

Account no: 01/9/lsb352889, 

Amount invested with rs. 25000/-

Receipt no. 97/16823

After filling all my details and submitting the main points within the initial section, i’m unable to maneuver to consequent section wherever it’s generating a pop-up message as account range is invalid and shows name/amount/receipt range pair typically… 

Again by once more 

& i conjointly cal to committee person on contact no.  

But during this concerning they not correct response, & they advised to American state decision to a different no.   . This no. is wrong no. 

And i am conjointly armored  to committee on mail id :-

I herewith request you to please solve this issue as shortly as attainable.

Thanking you sir!


Premchand Jain

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