Great holiday Club violence created by company executives


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My husband got continuous calls from nice vacation club noida. He refused to attend any meeting. Then they forced him to return and take their lucky draw gift. He was obtaining continuous calls from executives untill he reaches wave mall. Noida.

There, he met a pair of executives United Nations agency told him that they’ll not attend him while not better half. My husband same I actually have come back from long distance simply bcz u known as hundred times however they refused to attend him.

Then they started telling a few terribly big-ticket package that we tend to could not afford. Do my husband same no to them and left when they misbehaved and abused my husband for not shopping for their package.

As shortly as my husband came out of meeting area, a pair of of their executives ran when him to attack on him. My husband got loads of physical injuries.

He visited station house to lodge AN fir. Police known as them for inquiry. They reached station house with a fraud lady to entice my husband within the pretend case of eve teasing.

My husband is incredibly innocent man. i’m heart broken when knowing this incident. Please facilitate Maine to penalise those 2 executives United Nations agency hooked up my husband.

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