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Dear gaurav,

This it inform you that


I was approached by in an exceedinglyll|one amongst|one in every of} the nirmiti sales government in lonavala for Mainembership programme whereby they created Maine sit in a very meeting for concerning three hours explaining totally different programmes starting from twenty five years to five year and eventually brainwashed me to induce listed in a ten year programme. the most important downside is that no matter was explained throughout that meeting concerning the inclusions and exclusions of holidays, nothing is mentioned in writing within the contract. They secure Maine few things that i have to be compelled to understand presently from their company workplace that the programme ne’er enclosed those things. The sales in-charge United Nations agency created the deal in lonavala and with whom i used to be asked to co-ordinate stopped receiving my phone, blocked my messages so i couldn’t reach him and raise him queries concerning false commitment. the company workplace executives are unable to assist because the commitments created throughout the deal aren’t written anyplace.


Date 30/05/2018 mister. Pradeep m rule and team mentioned with Maine concerning membership concerning three hour,

Then begin concerning fee for ten year one, 00, 7000 with all the ability with a pair of children and agreement copy with none hidden chargers when negotiation I actually have paid 82000 /- from card


After third June 2018 I actually have received the decision from nirmiti resorts & club welcome team from Bombay they started explaining concerning fee and facility’s

Then solely i came to grasp that there’s annual maintenance charges would be fifty00/- annually and for ten year its 50, 000 and its just for 2adults

That means I actually have to pay 82000+50000 = 132, 000 /- (I cant pay any annual fee now) my deal was 82000 for ten year with my a pair of children


Then i clearly told her to prevent and cancel my membership and that i have sent email additionally (Even for pradeep m rule and team)


Note: 1, my request is i dont wish member of nirmiti resorts & club thanks to wrong info and concealment the hidden charges (Annual fee)


2, they secure Maine concerning my children other for this membership (One is nine years and second one is five years) that not other in agreement copy


3, pradeep m rule and team is misguiding to public


4, i request you to suppose from client purpose of read and take action (Pradeep and team is that they area unit cheaters and do false commitments to individuals whereas enrollment and once you’re enrolled)

5, I actually have recorded in my mobile throughout the discussion with pradeep and team


Dear mr, gaurav,


As per your privies mail i ought to get replay on number of days however when number of weeks over sir (48 hours),


Still i’m looking forward to your pearly, kindly replay on my request.



Hanumesh pattar

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