Great vacation Club resort set-aside at ramnagar


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


My second expertise with nice vacation club is once more foiled.


Now i’m positive all properties that you simply guys have elect area unit low-cost and their category.


There is little question in acceptive this truth.


Resort was nearly within the deepest and lake of village and post evening it absolutely was thus shuddery.


Now involves rooms and amenities, john was damn dirty and initially instance it felt sort of a railway quarter with cracked bucket, dirty wash basin, unfitted cowl of commode. Water pipes were chocked and that we asked doubly to unblocked it.


During my booking i used to be told for flat and not one area with a folding bed. this can be thus foiled.


Food quality was thus unhealthy and principally guests were out for dinner or lunch. Even breakfast was pathetic.


My entire quantity spent on nice vacation club is completely waste and that i cannot even assume to book once more with my family or perhaps friends.


Need clarification and refund my cash.

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