Ride Travel Club fraud


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .



Hi team, 

My name is devesh and that i contacted you individuals and was contacted by sumit and was offered 2nd 1n total package value ₹9000 for two individuals and was offered ₹1000 cashback. 


Here is that the copy of the quote:


Dear sir, devesh


Greetings of ride travel club


We area unit delighted to tell you regarding ride travel club. vacation promotional supply running in your space lately. the vacation club of the voluminous people that understand that computer network.ridetravelclub.com can facilitate them outline their diversion experiences and deliver the simplest holidays.


Confirmation entirely relies at the time of booking airline on.


Package details:


date of travel: twenty-nine, dec, 2018


period : 01 nights / 02 days


no. Of greeting: 02 adults 


devour: metropolis


drop: metropolis


area: 01 area


plan : c. P 
vehicle : swift dzire / similar 


Tour inclusions:


one night accommodation in dhanaulti.


devour from metropolis & drop at the metropolis.
plan – as per the package within the building.


complementary usage of tea in the area.
toll tax, parking fees, fuel charges, each allowance.


intercity transfer as per the itinerary.


Hotels list:

Dhanaulti: building royal residency / similar


Suggested itinerary


Day 01 – metropolis – mussorie sightseen – dhanaulti sightseen


In the morning drive for dhanaulti, we tend to arrive mussorie then do some sightseen and transfer to dhanaulti, one in all the foremost widespread hill stations in north Asian nation. begin relish nice look covering religious belief temples, eco-park, barehipani and joranda falls, dashavatar temple. nightlong at building in dhanaulti.


Day 02 – departure – sahastradhara – metropolis


After breakfast, consider from building, then proceed to 0.5 day sight seeing of sahastradhara: laterally that means, the ‘thousand fold spring’ is located at a distance of eleven kms. From dehra dun. The place makes a perfect picnic spot and is of vast attraction to guests. The baldi stream and therefore the caves give a wide ranging read. The water here incorporates a fall of regarding nine metres Associate in Nursingd leaves an incrustation of lime of all its touches. Particles therefore accumulating over the centuries have fashioned a projected shelf, and a form of cave, from the roof of that falls a perpetual shower. there’s additionally a sulphur spring during which guests usually take tub. Its water is claimed to cure skin infections and possess different healthful properties. Later back drive to metropolis for ownward destination.


Price guide.


If you book this package these days then you’ll get upto one, 000/-inr cashback.

Special supply


Any air fare

Alcoholic/aerated beverages, drinking water and starters camera fees entrance fees in the least traveller attractions mentioned within the itinerary high season service tax t. A. C. 

Medical and travel insurance

All personal expenses, nonobligatory tours and additional meals something not mentioned below “inclusions”


Hope you’ll like this and provides North American country a chance to serve you…



Thanks, regard


Sumit singh 


Travel advisor

I paid ₹4000 because the booking charge however wasn’t contacted by the broker (Sumit) for following forty eight hrs. therefore i attempted contacting him multiple times however he ne’er received my decisions and instead he unbroken on texting ME on whatsapp “sir am job you back in thirty mins” once more and once more however ne’er received one call from his finish. I later contacted you individuals on… Spoke with siddhart and he explained ME on the highest on ₹9000 there’ll be gst (Acceptable) currently i’m told broker charges, high season charges are further that i used to be ne’er wise to regarding currently once I tried to step up the case the case i’m told the manager is out of country. i attempted to evoke refund then i’m being told {the quantity|the quantity|the number} can return as subtracted amount among 7-21 days. Why ought to a client get something that i used to be not wise to regarding. I spoke with individuals and educated them that I even have long-faced this issue thus on twenty eighth dec, 2018 i spoke with sumit and siddhart on phone call wherever siddhart asked sumit for his manager name and wise to sumit he are terminated as sumit in agreement speech he offered a wrong package. Later siddhart same ME however can you proof that our worker song to you. I mean wow what a good service. is that this thanks to treat a client. currently on twenty eighth dec, 2018 once I was speaking with siddhart he wasn’t in workplace till that point no building no cab was set-aside however as shortly as he reached workplace he says the building is set-aside, cab is set-aside while not confirming North American country. Neither i used to be same something regarding cash received 


On Saturday, once we were alleged to be going for dehradun, post boarding the cab there have been no updates from the travel ride club concerning the building, i contacted the hosteller for the voucher that i had received and that they wise to the booking was for twenty eighth December 2018 and not twenty ninth December

I shared photos|the photographs|the images} with the hosteller and that they confirmed that there’s no booking on twenty ninth and therefore the pictures shared area unit faux

The name for the manager is akash and therefore the email id is aakash@seahawk.in


When we wre on the brink of reached mussorie, i received a decision stating that they need set-aside another building and shared the vouchers for an equivalent


I verified the small print from the manager of an equivalent building and that they confirmed that the booking is confirmed


Post that Siddharta unbroken on job ME stating to form the whole payment

I did inform him to attend till we tend to reach the building

He failed to agree and commenced abusing, therefore, we tend to in agreement to form payment of another rs4500/

We paid the driving force and confirmed an equivalent to the broker Siddharta that another 4500 has been paid

He started yelling as he needed North American country to pay a complete of 11000 for the package, sadly there have been network problems, therefore, I used to be not capable to speak on the decision for long


Post reaching mussorie at 7 pm, i stared receiving calls from the agent to form the payment for an additional 2500, they unbroken on job ME and loud like something, 

They additionally threaten ME that if we tend to don’t provide the additional cash they’ll raise the building to form uys leave at the night and that they expressed “main aapke Ghar p police bhejwata hoon as AAP apise Nahi American state rhe, and app jo krna h wo kr lo.

I toal ME to not see North American country during this method however he ne’er listened, forcibly i had to form another payment of rs 2500 to the driving force once more


As per the planned trip we tend to we tend tore suppose to go to dhaunlti the day we reached by the driving force denied stating its too late and he won’t drive


I received a decision from one in all the branch managers #rahul, he was moreover no less as he moreover unbroken on asking North American country to pay a lot of and a lot of

We merely denied this point and disconnected the decision 


We had consulted the driving force that next morning that is thirtieth we’ll consider early within the morning and visist dhaunlti, at that point the driving force in agreement, however once the payment was created within the moring he dinied to depart the building

When we contacted the travel agents they failed to take our request, we tend to asked the driving force to decision them and keep the phone on speaker, currently what we tend to detected was surprising

#siddhrta asked the driving force to inform North American country that there’s a problem with the cab and that we won’t be ready to leave the place before 11am and post that merely bring North American country back to metropolis while not visiting anyplace


We asked the driving force if he’s planning to do an equivalent he same he cannot transcend what has been asked to try and do

We told him that if he will an equivalent we’ll report it to the closest police stating. Fearing an equivalent the driving force in agreement to require North American country to dhanaulti however needed North American country to talk to the travel agents


We decision them, however they were terribly abusive, and denied utterly

However fearing the police the driving force took North American country to dhanaulti

We we tend tore alleged to visit sahastradhara moreover on the second however because it was late the driving force denied stating if we don’t reach metropolis by seven there’ll eb further night charge

We had no choices left Associate in Nursingd had to return back to delhi< on the method driver stopped multiple times trice to fill the cng and hydrocarbon and wasted quite an hour

Also the driving force took the route that had the traffic rather than the route that was clear 

We asked the driving force to follow the route showed on the google however he denied

We reached our home location by 8:30pm

Post reaching the driving force asked North American country to pay a lot of as we tend to reached when 7pm

We merely denied stating we’ve got paid enough further and asked him to depart additionally wise to him that the whole spoken language that we tend to had within the cab is currently recorded with North American country


He got afraid and left the place


In easy words #ridetrvelclub when providing a package of rs9000 took rs11000 from North American country additionally no matter was offered to North American country on the package nothing was given to North American country, we tend to couldn’t visit any of the places

Also they were terribly abusive #siddharta #rahul #virat

No one helped!!! All area unit same within the company don’t have the thanks to speak to any person!!!

I was additionally secure a cashback of rs1000

Which nobody is caring for

They took an additional of rs2500 and that they don’t care

Over all they’re cheats and an organization filled with frauds

I have the whole whatapps spoken language and therefore the entire voice recording with the driving force on the thirtieth December

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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    We have not received any refund quantity or any commitment from Ride travel club. they’re cheaters in travel business. I recommend to all or any of you. Dont keep company with Ride travel club.

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