Hafele Republic of India Pvt Ltd nagold series washer


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We had purchased a washer from Hafele a pair of years past. This was a high finish washer within the Nagold series that was at a premium rate as compared to the opposite machines within the market. it absolutely was presupposed to last a generation however the washer went altogether kaputt at intervals one.5 years of operation. The condition of the machine was thus unhealthy that the interior drum had utterly been injured from the pivot that was holding it right down to its base.


When we referred to as the Hafele client support and therefore the technician came to examine it, we have a tendency to were told that the water is unhealthy in Noida then the machine has not lasted the time that it’s presupposed to. that’s quite unlikely since we have a tendency to sleep in a dwelling advanced and there ar many families here that are mistreatment laundry machines and these have miraculously lasted them over 5-7 years-and still occurring. is that the Noida water solely moving the Nagold series.


Instead of giving any real resolution, we have a tendency to were asked to deal out another Rs 30000+ to urge the machine fastened. gratuitous to mention, we have a tendency to may have bought a different machine during this quantity.


I found the Hafele client support extremely high two-handed. on condition that we have a tendency to trustworthy  this whole enough to get a series of things whereas building our home-this includes most of the appliances-the hob, chimney, hinges, washimng machine-to mention a couple of things-it in fact value United States of America a bomb-but we have a tendency to were reckoning on the whole. and that we were wrong. Till date, i am keeping my fingers crossed to however the opposite appliances would fare. however i am not recommending Hafele to anyone.

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